I’m maybe back!

My last blog post I wrote while I was pregnant. My last draft I wrote shortly after the baby was born. The baby is now seven months old. I am bad at this.

But here’s a brief new post, for the sake of reminding myself that I can write, and I want to write, and I like to write.

The world is different now. We are all living in isolation because of a pandemic the likes of which has not been seen in living memory. I do not suddenly have more time on my hands. For one thing, I don’t think anyone actually does, we just have different things to deal with than we did a month ago. For another, I have three children. Being stuck at home with them without being able to see people does not, shockingly, lend itself to… well anything remotely productive.

But we are finding a new sort of routine. (Featuring far more screen time than is probably good for us, but sometimes I just need the kids to not be climbing on me for a bit and that is okay.) And I think that I will try to make some more space for writing in this new routine. After all, I like collecting and sharing my thoughts, and Facebook and Twitter are not really good places to do that on the level that I want to do it.

So you know… stay tuned for more words. Maybe.


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