Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

I tried to write a blog post for Easter. It was a good start, I was very pleased with it. Unfortunately, it was also typed up in the WordPress app on my phone and now I can’t find it on the computer. It shows up just fine as a saved draft in the app on my phone. It does not show up when I use the WordPress website via my computer. Why? I don’t know.

Does this really matter? No. It wasn’t that long, I can re-type it on the computer. But I’m annoyed and so I’m blogging about it because I’m stuck in the house and don’t have anything else to do. I’ll eventually convert type it up on the computer and post it. But today I’m just going to post about it.

I am posting this entirely for the sake of just… posting *anything* at all. Is it interesting or compelling? No. Will you gain anything from reading it? Probably not. But here is the thing, I will gain something from writing and posting it.

Writing is a skill like any other, it requires you to take time and practice to improve. And while I have a certain baseline of basic skill with writing at the moment, I actually do want to get better at it. For me, a huge part of improving at writing has nothing at all to do with writing and everything to do with self-discipline. This is an entirely different skill and one that I am not nearly as accomplished in.

So the act of typing up a blog post without much meat on it, simply for the sake of ensuring that I typed *something* and posted it is useful. Even if it’s mostly just being cranky about technical difficulties. Because it helps me build my self-discipline and make time to write. Even when, like today, that time is eked out inches, and half of the blog post is typed with one hand (not even the dominant one!) while the other hangs onto a baby and tries to make sure she doesn’t add to the post.

So… I guess, here’s to making time.


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