Dramatis Personae: An Introduction 

Sometimes, it is important to jump right in and hit the ground running with things. Other times it is important to make introductions. I am not completely sure which way to go with this blog. On the one hand, I am writing to an audience that currently consists entirely of people with whom I am already acquainted. On the other hand, part of the reason I started this blog was to make my life experiences and thoughts available to a larger audience.

In the end, I decided to go with introductions, because they help me get my head on straight. They also provide a good summary to help regular readers understand where I’m coming from as I write future posts. Of course, I don’t currently have regular readers, but hopefully that will change.

So, an introduction. 

I am Jessie. I am 27 years old and some days that feels like ancient and wise, and others it feels like woefully young and inexperienced. I am married, for two and a half years, and I have two children. Currently, I am in the process of learning a lot of things. The things that pertain most to this blog are how to be the parent my child needs, even when that doesn’t look like what I think it does, and how to put my faith into daily practice, even when that is counterintuitive and scary. I mad the person writing the blog, although the my husband may sometimes have input as well. 

My husband is Kyle. He is younger than me by enough to sometimes make a difference. He is an amazing husband, and a wonderful father, and I love him dearly. He is courageous and extremely principled and I think the biggest thing he is learning right now as we go through life is how to let go of expectations and cope with life’s curveballs. 

We have two children. I don’t believe in sharing children’s names on the Internet, so you will have to know them as Kid Flash and Baby Guy. (“Baby Guy” is likely to change as he will not, in fact, remain a baby forever.)

Kid Flash is 6 and in Grade 1. This year has been a bit difficult so far. Grade 1 is very different from kindergarten, and that is not an easy thing. But his heart is in the right place, and he is incredibly clever so I think things will be okay. KF also has ADHD and some substantial behavioural problems. It is difficult to paint an accurate picture of Kid Flash. It is not uncommon for him to have very dramatic temper tantrums, where he will attack me or Kyle with a flurry of punching and kicking and biting. But he is also extremely kind and loving. He is constantly showing that his heart in in the right place, and his desire is to do well in the setting he is isn’t. Much of this blog will deal with Kid Flash’s challenges, the challenges of being the parent he needs, the inevitable times when I as mother am not enough, when Kyle as father is not enough, and the Grace of God that covers those moments. 

Baby Guy is currently a baby. He is absorbed with important baby things like figuring out how to eat food that is not milk, how to stand on his legs, and how to get as far into the kitchen cabinets as possible and drag out that really cool muffin tin at the back. He thinks that Kid Flash makes the world go round and it is a joy to behold. Right now, being the parent he needs seems absurdly simple: ensure he does not eat things he should not! Good! But just because a baby is small does not necessarily mean his needs are simple. Much of this blog will deal with my musings on parenting a child young enough that the more abstract issues of personhood and character seem irrelevant. I firmly believe that they are not. 

There are other regularly players in our lives, but I think I will introduce them as they arrive. For now, you have met our little family, and why we each matter to this blog. Or at least, the things that are most on my mind. 

Until next time, Grace and Peace, 



One thought on “Dramatis Personae: An Introduction ”

  1. A good beginning. And good beginnings are important, aren’t they? So is honesty and you’ve got that going big time!


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